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Course Options

Exclusive Courses: If you register as a group of at least 8 (group of 4 for Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic), we can set up any of our RiderCourses exclusively for your group at a discounted rate. CONTACT US for more details.

Two-Up: Take the Confident RiderCourse or Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic – Level One in a “two-up” format. Both you and your passenger participate in the course. CONTACT US to register your passenger before the course.

Private Instruction: Each of our courses listed above can be offered as 1 on 1 Private Instruction. The cost and schedules available vary by course type and location. Some restrictions may apply. CONTACT US for more details.

Military Discount: We offer a discount on our Basic RiderCourse for active duty Military. You MUST call our office to book your class, no discounts are available if you book online.[/md_text]

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[md_single_image size=”medium_large” image=”5663″ css_animation_delay=”0″ class=”img-responsive” href=”http://www.motorcycletraining.com/courses/basic-rider-course/”]
[md_single_image size=”medium_large” image=”5661″ css_animation_delay=”0″ class=”img-responsive” href=”http://www.motorcycletraining.com/courses/three-wheel-basic-ridercourse/”]
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