Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic – Level 1

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Who Should Attend This Course?
  • Riders seeking TOTAL CONTROL of their motorcycle regardless of type or style of motorcycle.
  • Motorcyclists ready to advance their riding skills.
  • Riders who want advanced mental training to overcome fear and improve concentration.
  • Motorcyclists desiring safer and faster cornering.
  • Track riders ready to improve their performance on the track.
  • Riders who want to attend track days.
What Will I Experience At This Course?
  • FUN! Eight hours in a high challenge, low threat way to enhance your skills regardless of the type of bike you ride.
  • Learn WORLD CLASS techniques the safest, fastest riders in the world employ.
  • Master these advanced skills: Trail braking for better cornering stability and Traction management.
  • Cornering technique to increase ground clearance.
  • Line selection.
  • Vision at the entry and exit of the corner.
  • Learn proper suspension setup for max performance.
What Is Required To Attend This Course?
  • More than 3,000 miles of street riding in prior twelve months.
  • Should be able to competently operate a motorcycle through all basic skills.
  • MUST possess a current Motorcycle “M” endorsement.
  • MUST bring your own bike (any type or size OK).
  • MUST have valid insurance and registration for the bike you bring to class (track bikes okay- call in advance).
  • All riders must wear a helmet (3/4 or full face-we can provide but it’s best if you bring your own); eye protection; motorcycle specific jacket; motorcycle specific pants (chaps okay; we may have some available- call in advance); sturdy over-the-ankle footwear; and full-finger gloves.

Course Cost $295

This course is also available as private instruction; please CONTACT US for details.