TEAM Arizona Riding Tip: Number Two Mistake Experienced Riders Make

April 6, 2016 Tags: , ,
THE PREDICTION FACTORY Have you ever driven or ridden in an unfamiliar place?  It feels like your brain is on high alert.  Why? The human brain loves certainty.  It makes its job of self-preservation much easier.  With chaos it has to work overtime.  I remember my first time in Spain on a motorcycle in 2003.  Everything [...]

Kelly’s Korner: Uncertain About Your Riding Motivation? That Can Be a Good Thing

April 6, 2016 Tags: ,
Last month’s column asked readers to ponder what motivates you to ride. I received some empowering and sobering responses to that post, and I’ve since been ruminating even more on motorcycling motivation and how mine has been non-existent this year – a travesty, I know, especially considering how riding got me through last fall’s layoff. [...]

Kelly’s Korner: What Motivates You To Ride?

March 3, 2016 Tags: ,
A friend recently pointed me to a Scientific American piece from 2012 that explores the concept of motivation. The three keys that create lasting motivation are, according to the psychologists quoted, autonomy, value and competence. I've since been thinking about how the ideas in that article apply to riders. Considering the many environmental factors -- weather, dangerous [...]

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Rider Training Scholarships for 2016

February 19, 2016 Tags: , ,

The Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) is starting off 2016 with a HUGE announcement.  Rider training scholarships are now available to all residents of Arizona!  The county where you live determines WHEN you can apply for the scholarship.  A simple $100 donation gets the applicant access to the Basic RiderCourse ($300 value).  The […]

TEAM Arizona Riding Tip: 5 Mistakes Experienced Riders Make

February 19, 2016 Tags: ,

Experienced riders don’t mean to do it.  Being complacent.  Making mistakes.  It “just happens” we tell ourselves.  But does it have to happen?  Not really. After spending more than 20 years and approximately 300,000 miles on the road in multiple countries, this “experienced” motorcyclist has committed every mistake on the list.  We can chalk it up […]

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