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RIDING TIP: 5 Ways To Reduce Crash Risks at Intersections

March 3, 2017 Tags: , , ,
Five (5) Ways to Reduce Crash Risks at Intersections It is a bogeyman in the motorcycling world; the crash at an intersection.  Unlike the mythical creatures that frightened us as children, crashes at intersections do exist and are rightfully our worst nightmares.  Funny enough, the imaginary beings created to teach children lessons are the very same [...]

RIDING TIP: Close Call Reflections

February 3, 2017 Tags: , ,
MOTORCYCLE RIDING: REFLECTING ON CLOSE CALLS No, your eyes do not deceive you.  The rider in the above picture is being confronted with a mattress at highway speeds.  Sooner or later we're all there in a similar situation.  The moment that causes us to become tense and fearful because we perceive something is happening that we [...]

RIDING TIP: The First Three Percent of Braking

December 10, 2016 Tags: ,

The crash statistics are clear.  Motorcyclists just aren’t up to snuff when it comes to braking their motorcycles properly.  A common issue with motorcyclists observed at crash scenes are abrupt uses of one or more brakes.  In specific, in a large percentage of cases riders are applying too much brake pressure too soon causing tire […]

RIDING TIP: Surviving Monsoon Season on Two Wheels

August 9, 2016 Tags: ,
Surviving Monsoon Season on Two Wheels I’ll never forget my first summer in Arizona. I was a transplant from Portland, Oregon, and was unfamiliar with monsoons. Or haboobs. Or flash flooding. To say I was naive would be an understatement. Through pain-reinforced learning I came to respect monsoon season. I was traveling down Broadway Road in [...]

TEAM Arizona Riding Tip: Avoid Going Wide In a Corner

September 8, 2015 Tags: ,

Riding well means learning how to control our motorcycle at speeds faster than what we may have already practiced, especially if the Basic RiderCourse is all a rider has experienced.  Courses like Advanced Riding Techniques and Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic are great for learning proper technique in a challenging yet safe environment.  When we take to […]


March 5, 2015 Tags: , ,

Motorcycle riding strategies are continually evolving.  As more research is performed in the area of rider safety, massive amounts of data flows in, and organizations like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) analyze the data.  The MSF, from their data analysis, reaches conclusions and revises their curricula accordingly. One major change from MSF in 2014 was the […]