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Kelly’s Korner: Riding and Life – The Annoying Parallels

March 3, 2017
(Saguaro Lake on a weather-perfect day. The washes? Not so perfect.) Riding and Life: The Annoying Parallels When I started riding almost 10 years ago, it really was an act of desperation, starting a new hobby in search of escape. I should have chosen watercolor painting. I could mindlessly go all Jackson Pollack on that [...]

RIDING TIP: Close Call Reflections

February 3, 2017 Tags: , ,
MOTORCYCLE RIDING: REFLECTING ON CLOSE CALLS No, your eyes do not deceive you.  The rider in the above picture is being confronted with a mattress at highway speeds.  Sooner or later we're all there in a similar situation.  The moment that causes us to become tense and fearful because we perceive something is happening that we [...]

TINA STIFF: Rider of the Month February 2017

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APPROACH WITH RECKLESS ABANDON Don't be intimated by the excessive amount of cool exuded by Tina.  She can't help it; cool just comes naturally.  If you do overcome your timidity, you'll be greeted with a smile that lights up a room and a warmth that will make you want to exclaim, "I'll have what she's having!"  For [...]

How do you get a motorcycle license?

January 9, 2017 Tags:
HOW DO YOU GET A MOTORCYCLE LICENSE? TEAM Arizona makes obtaining a motorcycle license convenient, safe, and FUN!  We'll even provide the motorcycle, helmet, and gloves.  Check out our video below: In our Basic RiderCourse you will learn the fundamentals of riding safely.  We'll also provide the written and riding evaluations that will enable you [...]